About Rehab Rebels

Rehab Rebels are therapists (OT, OTA, PT, PTA, and SLP) bridging the gap and transitioning to alternative careers. These alternative, or rebel, careers involve using the experience and skills you have now to make your career transition possible.

If you have asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place.

“How do I decide which career direction to take?”

“What alternative careers are other therapists transitioning into?”

“How did other therapists change careers?”

“What are therapy business owners doing?”

“I feel trapped at my current job. How do I transition out?”

“How do I use my current experience and skills to bridge the gap to an alternative career without starting over?”

Expect community, resources, & opportunities for therapists seeking alternative career paths.

Rehab Rebels, led by Tanner, is dedicated to guiding you through a seamless transition to your next rebel career, without having to start over, and here’s how he accomplishes it:

  • Interviewing rehab therapists (OT, OTA, PT, PTA, and SLP) who have used their skills and experience to deviate from traditional health careers so you can learn directly how to bridge your career gap to achieve a positive career change. 
  • Revealing how Rehab Rebels have crafted their own lifestyles, breaking free from traditional 8-5 healthcare jobs and embracing alternative paths to create fulfilling lives.
  • Cultivating our Rehab Rebel community with others who are on the same journey as you to support and provide helpful information.
  • Answering the right rebel questions to help you decide how to transition into a successful rebel career.

The Rehab Rebel Story

Who is Tanner and why should I listen to him?

I’m a Physical Therapist in my mid-thirties who learned (and is continuously learning) about alternative careers and alternative income because I had to.

My mission – Show rehab professionals that they are not alone, build a supportive Rehab Rebels community, and provide useful content to drive therapists to make positive career and lifestyle changes for themselves and loved ones.

I have always been interested in different or alternative ways of doing things and have questioned the norm throughout life. But the main theme as to answer why I created this website and podcast is freedom. More specifically a lifestyle of freedom to show others there are other options for you to make a living.

I have been pursuing online entrepreneurship since March 2020 when I was working 5 days a week down to one day a week because of COVID.

I chose online entrepreneurship for location freedom and financial freedom due to:

  • The distance of close loved ones in my life, I will not be able to build a caring loving relationship with them working a traditional job that offers only 2-4 weeks of vacation a year.
  • Workplace stress, pressure for profit over patients’ best interest, and no room for advancement.
  • The increasing exchange of personal time for piling work duties without any appreciation or acknowledgment for sacrificing my time for additional work.

You can see that I too am aspiring to be a Rehab Rebel and have felt many of the negative effects of our industry as we all have.

You do not have to stay working for your current employer until retirement. There are others like you who have decided to make a change and you can too!

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Other interests:

  • Alternative ways of living from housing, food, community, etc.
  • Financial Independence and Financial Independence Retire Early.
  • Alternative income pursuing other sources of income outside of the traditional income exchange model of money for your time.

Insightful Interviews with Rehab Rebels

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