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Rehab rebels, remember that time you had an unsafe or questionable patient you had to discharge home? They were no longer skillable for more therapy but yet they weren’t quite safe enough to go home alone. Maybe all they really needed was help taking a shower, or sorting their meds, but they didn’t have the support to help them. Imagine if you could be part of the system that helps patients get the care they need at home to prevent future injuries and hospitalizations. You can by owning a home care franchise that provides patient care. If this sounds interesting, my partners at Caring Senior Service have the perfect opportunity for you.

What Exactly is a Home Care Franchise?

If you’re reading this as a physical, occupational, or speech therapist, a home care franchise is probably different from the home care agency you may be picturing. No, this is not like the home care agencies you may have worked for, which provide skilled care and therapies. Caring Senior Service, along with other home care franchises, provide un-skilled support for senior and disabled people. 

In fact, there aren’t any therapists who work for Caring Senior Service. Their homecare is all non-skilled caregiving that helps people who need assistance with activities of daily living stay independent in their homes longer. It’s the services that many of our patients need to have a safe discharge home and avoid rehospitalizations. Home care agencies like this provide a crucial part of the healthcare system that often goes unrecognized when we think about safe patient discharges.

Learn More: Get more information about starting a Caring Senior Service Home Care Franchise here.

What is Caring Senior Service?

Caring Senior Service is a network of home care franchises that provides caregivers to help people stay independent and safe in their homes for longer. Founded in 1991 in Odessa, Texas, they now have locations all over the United States, with more room to grow. Their niche is providing teams of caregivers who help clients with tasks inside and outside of the home. 

Caring Senior Service is based out of San Antonio, Texas. I had the opportunity to interview their Vice President, Ian Klaes, on my Rehab Rebels podcast where we talk about owning home care franchises and working non-clinically as a physical therapist-turned-home care executive. Ian owned two Caring Senior Service franchises before becoming their Vice President and co-owner.

Some examples of services offered by Caring Senior Service include:

  • Light housekeeping
  • Meal preparation
  • Bathing
  • Putting on clothes
  • Respite care
  • Transportation
  • Medication scheduling and reminders
  • Errands outside of the home

What are the Benefits of Being a Caring Senior Service Franchise Owner?

Let’s talk about some of the pros of starting a home care franchise with Caring Senior Service.

High Demand for Services

Therapists, you see on the daily that there is a growing demand for services to keep patients living at their homes longer. Maybe you even worked for a home care agency or inpatient rehab and recommended a patient would be ready for discharge if only they had help with one or more activities of daily living. Caring Senior Service can step in and help your patients get the care they need at home discharge.

What is the Cost Associated with Starting a Caring Senior Service Franchise?

Let’s talk about money. Compared to other types of franchises available for purchase, the entry fees for starting a home care franchise are often lower. If you have savings, earnings from your PT side hustles, or other investments for funding, owning a franchise is a great opportunity for growth. To get started you need:

  • $49,000 franchise fee
  • 5% royalty fee
  • Investment: $117,000 – $176,000
  • Required liquid capital: $150,000
  • Required net worth minimum: $250,000

Unparalleled Start-Up Support

Starting a new business can be scary, isolating, and hard. One of the major advantages of starting a business through a franchise is that you have a whole support network of people and training modules to help you succeed. Caring Senior Service prides themselves on supporting new franchise owners and helping them excel. With Caring Senior Service, you are not alone, you have a team of people who want to see you thrive. 

The support for new owners goes beyond how to navigate the day-to-day operations of the home care franchise. They also provide in-depth coaching for marketing your agency to the community and building a client caseload. Technology support to understand the scheduling and billing technology is also a key component of the ongoing support from headquarters to owners.

What Caring Senior Service Provides for Franchise Owners:

  • Over 50 hours of virtual trainings
  • An in-person training with their staff in San Antonio
  • A representative from headquarters that will fly to your office and help with operations and marketing
  • A 16-week group coaching program

Interested in Starting a Caring Senior Service Home Care Franchise?

Learn more about starting a home care franchise with Caring Senior Service by clicking on this link and filling out a contact form. A representative will get in touch with you and follow up with more details. 

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