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The Best Side Hustles for Occupational Therapists

What are the best occupational therapy side hustles? Occupational therapists excel in helping their patients live more rewarding lives. They fill sessions with functionality and creativity. Due to the rising costs of education, home prices, and inflation, it may be necessary to work an extra job to increase financial stability and independence. Many Rehab Rebels…

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Medbridge Continuing Education

Rehab Rebels for MedBridge Elevate Your Career with MedBridge Continuing Education SAVE NOW MedBridge Continuing Education Digital Education To Change Your Career Projectory ✓ Continuing Clinical Education ✓ Non-Clinical Career Training Over 2,200 Continuing Education Courses & Webinars Training for PTs, OTs, SLPs, and more! Save $150 using code rehabrebels. Physical Therapy Courses Occupational Therapy Courses Athletic…

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