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Elevate Your Career with MedBridge Continuing Education

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MedBridge Continuing Education

Digital Education To Change Your Career Projectory

continuing clinical education with MedBridge

✓ Continuing Clinical Education

non-clinical career training with MedBridge

✓ Non-Clinical Career Training

Over 2,200 Continuing Education Courses & Webinars

Training for PTs, OTs, SLPs, and more! Save $150 using code rehabrebels.

  • Physical Therapy Courses
  • Occupational Therapy Courses
  • Athletic Training Courses
  • Speech-Language Pathology Courses
  • Certificate Programs
  • Compliance Training Courses
  • Microlearning Courses
  • Skills & Competency Courses

If you’re ready to break free & make the change to a non-clinical career, then MedBridge continuing education is still for you! 

Rise above traditional rehab practice roles by advancing or discovering new career paths with a MedBridge continuing education subscription. 

MedBridge is the ultimate continuing education platform designed exclusively for rehab professionals like you. PTs, OTs, and SLPs can take advantage of continuing education courses online to discover a world of alternative possibilities.

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Rehab Rebels Choose MedBridge Education

Tanner Welsch, physical therapist and founder of the Rehab Rebels Podcast recommends MedBridge continuing education to help elevate your skills. Break free from your traditional job and discover new possibilities with alternative careers! Medbridge is the best place for alternative career CEUs.

Tanner Welsch, physical therapist

I’m a Physical Therapist who loves to learn about alternative careers and alternative income streams. My mission through Rehab Rebels is to show rehab professionals how to make positive career and lifestyle changes to achieve professional success and create financial freedom.

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tanner chooses medbridge continuing education

MedBridge Continuing Education for Non-Clinical Career

Rehab Rebels is committed to your professional growth and success. When you choose to subscribe to MedBridge through us, you’ll enjoy exclusive benefits.

Unlock an amazing subscription deal tailored to rehabilitation professionals who are serious about taking their practice to new heights.

Alternative, Non-Clinical Careers

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Top 25 Alternative Careers List for Rehab Professionals

Join the Rehab Rebels Tribe and you’ll receive FREE monthly updates, guest interview schedules, and a Bonus Top 25 Alternative Careers list for Rehab Professionals 2022.

MedBridge Continuing Education

Complete Clinical Solutions Package

While you train for your new career, you can complete your clinical CEUs on the same platform. MedBridge is a complete clinical performance and patient outcomes solution on a single, fully integrated platform.

  • CEU Course Library
  • CE Tracking
  • Mobile App Access
  • Video-Based Learning
  • Compliance Training
  • Live Webinars
  • Microlearning Courses
  • Skills & Competency Manager

Increase Patient Engagement

  • Home Exercise Program
  • Patient Education Handouts
  • Mobile App Access
  • EMR Integration
  • Remote Therapeutic Monitoring
  • Telehealth Virtual Visits
  • Outcomes Tracking

Save $150 on Annual MedBridge Subscription

At Rehab Rebels, we’re excited to bring you this incredible opportunity to elevate your skills, knowledge, and patient outcomes through a subscription to to level up your rehab skills and reignite your passion.

Why Choose MedBridge Continuing Education?

MedBridge is more than just an online learning platform; it’s a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to the unique needs of rehabilitation professionals. With the most non-clinical courses, MedBridge can help rehab professionals transition to alternative positions and careers. 

​Cutting-Edge Continuing Education

Stay ahead of the curve with over 2,200+ evidence-based and accredited courses, webinars, and videos led by renowned experts in the field. From the latest advancements in treatment techniques to emerging research, you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge that can transform your practice.

Interactive Learning

Apply concepts and reinforce your understanding by engaging with dynamic content, including live patient demos, quizzes, assessments, and interactive exercises.

Personalized Learning Paths

Align with your goals, interests, and specialization with MedBridge’s personalized learning paths and 60+ certification programs that maximize your learning and focus on what matters most to you. And take advantage of microlearning with 100+ leadership and soft skills training.

Collaborative Networking

Build your network and connect, share insights, and learn from a vibrant community of like-minded rehab professionals.

Patient Engagement Tools

Increase patient outcomes with MedBridge’s home exercise program and educational resources they can easily access online, enhancing their commitment to recovery. Patients can access 3D virtual models, animated videos, and customizable handouts.


MedBridge’s mobile app assists your learning, even on the go with evidence-based courses at your fingertips at the clinic, gym, or in the comfort of your home. HIPPA-compliant patient portals allow secure communication and documentation in your EMR.

Be a Rehab Rebel, Choose Freedom

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With MedBridge, you can choose alternative career settings or rehab specialties to create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

This amazing subscription deal is tailored to rehabilitation professionals who are serious about taking their practice to new heights.

Professional Development

✓ Physical Therapy
✓ Occupational Therapy
✓ Speech Language Pathology
✓ Athletic Training
✓ Nursing

Practice Settings

✓ Private Practice
✓ Hospitals & Health Systems
✓ Homes Health Care
✓ Hospice
✓ Long-Term Care
✓ Acute Care
✓ Inpatient Rehabilitation
✓ Contract & Travel Therapy

Patient Engagement

✓ Home Exercise Program
✓ Patient Education
✓ Mobile App Service
✓ Patient Satisfaction
✓ Telehealth Visits


✓ Continuing Education
✓ Live Webinars
✓ Compliance Training
✓ Certifications Programs
✓ EMR Integration
✓ Microlearning
✓ Skills & Competency Manager
✓ Mobile App Service

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