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Divya Abraham is from Houston, Texas. Currently residing in Las Vegas. Undergraduate degree from University of Houston and DPT from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Currently growing my virtual rehab and virtual fitness business.

Divya Abraham has been in outpatient ortho for the last six years, started in the hospital-based outpatient setting, and started fitness coaching in 2021 for patients who were d/c from physical therapy (PT) and wanted to continue to work with me. She started Travel PT in 2021, and has been focusing on her virtual rehab, this year.

Q&A with Divya Abraham

What is your story behind the first sense of awareness that things weren’t quite right with your rehab career?

Two years into my career I felt that my goal was to get better at treating patients and better as a clinician, but most of the focus in terms of feedback that I would get from higher-ups were just about productivity, volume, numbers and billing. I felt that was becoming more of a primary motivator rather than really detailing patient care And improving how we were delivering care to our patients and that’s when I started thinking: “Okay, is this really what I signed up to do or is there another way to maybe go about achieving that goal?” It didn’t really sit right with me that that was the approach.

What are some personal struggles you went through while finding and then transitioning to your business? How did you overcome them?

Decline in physical and mental health over the last two years of doing travel and toying with the idea of going full-time as an entrepreneur. I hated who I was becoming in the process. I dreaded waking up in the morning and getting out of bed after a night of barely sleeping due to anxious thoughts, gaining weight, wanting to isolate, and running low on empathy for others. Realizing that no career path was worth this, talking to people who actually enjoyed their work, and realizing it was time for me to jump ship.

What were some of the first signs of traction with this fitness coaching role?

It’s funny because I don’t think I ever would have initiated doing anything in that realm until patients started asking me why I wasn’t doing it. And so that is when I really felt encouraged and pushed because, you know, my patients are essentially telling me: “Hey, you know us, you have gotten us to this point where we’re well for the reason why we came in, but we want to keep exercising. We don’t want to just start with a new trainer at the gym, or we don’t want to just find some program to follow on our own. We wish there was some way that we could keep working with you”. And so that really set the wheels in motion to get me to figure out how I needed to set this up.

What are the roots of your new career?

Having the desire to just be connected with other people, whether it was social media or whatever it was. I really enjoyed making YouTube videos and I started doing that when I was in high school. I enjoy communicating with others, it was so fun for me. I loved editing and I love that process of production. Those things that were just silly hobbies or, what my family or parents thought were silly hobbies at that time, they gave me the skills to do a lot of what I need to do with this business here today. So, it’s still the same root goal and root motivation to have a positive impact on another human being by encouraging them and being a support for them.

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