Personal Finance for Healthcare Professionals with Tanner Welsch DPT 010

Learn how to grow your financial foundation and start making money work for you!

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Today’s Guest

Tanner Welsch DPT

Learn from Tanners experience in the personal finance space. So you don’t make the same mistakes he did and can start growing your wealth no matter where you are on your personal finance journey!


What every personal finance book will tell you

Difference between liabilities and assets

401k, IRA, HSA, Taxable brokerage account

ROTH vs Traditional accounts

Warren Buffets recommended long term investment strategy

Why Financial Advisors may not have your best interest in mind


Other important financial topics:

Fiduciary Financial Advisor

Simple Investment Calculator

Advanced Investment Calculator

Finance Apps to track your finances:

List of Finance Blogs:


Additional resources are found in the Personal Finance Checklist for Healthcare Professionals

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