Why the state of America drove DPT, Michael Leavitt, to teach PT in Scotland and how he did it! 011

How and why Physical Therapist, Mike, moved to Scotland with his family to teach Physical Therapy!

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Today’s Guest

Michael Leavitt

Tired of the American Physical Therapy Industry on top of the increasing political tension in the United States, Mike looks else where for opportunities.


  • Why Mike moved to another country to teach Physical Therapy
  • What struggles he and his family faced
  • How he make this transition possible
  • American and Scottish cultural and lifestyle differences


NBC 5 News ‘Unforgiven’: The Student Loan Servicer That Has Borrowers Up In Arms. About Mike and his wife’s struggle to finalize completion of the 10 year service commitment with the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

Mike’s Email – mleavitt417@gmail.com

Thomas George Hornby PT, PhD

Understanding The Impact of Citizens United

  • “That decision and subsequent lower court decisions, based on Citizens United, have led to superPACs, which allow corporations, unions and individuals to make unlimited contributions, pool them together and use the money for political campaigns, although they’re not supposed to directly coordinate with the candidates” – NPR

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