How alternative healing and a new perspective lead Adania Reyes to an impactful career on people’s lives 018

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Lead actor, model, and singer Adania Reyes

“Don’t limit yourself to what you can do because you never know who you will impact positively. Always remember that you impact people, and there’s always someone looking at you, and you can change someone’s life by being who you are, loving yourself, and being compassionate and kind.”

Adania Reyes is originally from Mexico, but she lives in Canada. She is a model, actress, singer, English teacher, and she runs a photography business.

In our conversation, she told us about how she grew up in Mexico in a family with a lot of sexual and physical abuse. She grew up with a lot of anger and hurt, which led her to be slightly out of control when she was a teenager until she got to high school and entered a local drama club, where she discovered acting and loved it.  

She got to travel around the country with her drama club but never thought she was good. Adania remembers how she didn’t believe in herself until she won a national award for best actress.

Adania told us how, after that, her family wanted her to be a teacher, so she applied to teach school but discovered that it wasn’t for her and left within a month. She then went back to acting with a professional company. She applied to the acting university, where she was for a semester until she got a job offer in China from a stranger from Facebook to be a performer and a cook. She followed her heart and went without telling anybody and stayed there for almost a year. However, after that year, she came back to find out she couldn’t go back to acting university and felt shocked and devastated.

Adania then went to food science university to carry on but couldn’t finish the program due to her mother developing cancer and her poor mental health. That’s when her family decided she needed a doctor. She was taken to a mental hospital. She had borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. She would hurt herself, she tried committing suicide, and she was just tired of life. She remembers thinking: “either you want to live, or you don’t.” That’s when she decided to get out of there and get a teaching job, but she stopped after a while to take care of herself and her mom. 

She tells us how if she didn’t focusing on herself, she wouldn’t have had the ability to know herself and move on. Later, her grandma encouraged her to study cosmetology, and she did. After that, she studied massage therapy, and she liked it. Adania started working at a Spa, where she met many people who were into alternative health, and they gave her the therapy she needed.

In this episode, Adania told us how the changes in her life took years, but the moment when she didn’t judge herself was when she got the confidence and love that she needed by accepting herself. She also told us that if you appreciate things and change your mindset, things can be beautiful, things can be good, and things can change. 

Adania realized that her objective in life wasn’t having a career or being successful in her business but was to have an impactful career on people’s lives. When she changed her perspective of how she wanted things, her life started to change, and now she just feels happy with what she has now.

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Episode Highlights

  • Adanias journey from managing her mental health to becoming an actor, model, singer, make up artist, and photographer.
  • Tips and lessons to help with mental health and make a positive life and career change

Adania’s Transition:


Adania Reyes is a Mexican Actress, Singer, model, Make-up Artist, Photographer and Entrepreneur. She started her acting and make-up career at age 15 and participated in many local, province, and nationwide writing and acting contests, winning the ‘Ulua’ award for Best Actress in 2006.

In 2013 she started studying cosmetology which led to learning Massage Therapy and Holistic Therapies, which led to the creation of Holisattva, a Massage Therapy Studio with integrative holistic therapies including Reiki.

In 2022 she appeared in the first Hispanic Theatre Festival in Calgary, AB., breaking from her long acting hiatus, and she is currently performing with the clown trio of Spanish Academy Creations, and has recently started doing alternative burlesque performances.

In 2020 she started modeling professionally; she has shot with many local Alberta brands, including Unbelts, Nicole and Rose, Elections Canada and Parks Canada. Adania, besides being a multidisciplinary artist, is an English Teacher with almost 15 years of experience.

What caused you to make this alternative career shift?

Mental health

What is your desired transformation(s) from this alternative journey?

To become happier and more peaceful

What has been your biggest struggle with this alternative career and life path?

to balance rest time and work time

What was at stake if you didn’t take the risk of pursuing this alternative career?

I was never sure of what career to pursuit, I never thought there was just one right answer, so my life has become a journey of trial and error, but my livelihood and my daughter’s are in stake now.


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Book – Lust for Life by Irving Stone

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