Mobile Cash Based Physical Therapy and Custom No Subscription EMR with Maxwell Shippen DPT 007

How DPT, Maxwell Shippen, took the leap to mobile cash based physical therapy and developed a no subscription EMR solution!

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Today’s Guest

Maxwell Shippen DPT

Max made the leap into not only cashed based physical therapy but a mobile cash based physical therapy business called Direct Access Therapy. Along this journey he created a one time purchase EMR solution avoiding monthly expense of EMR subscription based services at Unsubscribed Healthcare.


  • Networking group group opportunities for new patients
  • Benefits of mobile Physical Therapy practice or any health practice
  • Resources for starting a Physical Therapy business or any health business
  • A one time fee Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution eliminating subscriptions
  • Struggles of transitioning to being an employee to self employed


BNI: Business Network International

Chamber of Commerce Search

Small Business Administration

Uncaged Clinician Facebook Group

Medicare Billing for (Mostly) Cash Based PT, OT, SLP Providers Group

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Maxwell Shippen Linkedin

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