How Telehealth Revolutionized the Therapy Industry with Amy Siegler, OTD 006

How OTD, Amy Siegler, took an opportunity to build a business and leveraged Telehealth to expand her services to patients in need!

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Today’s Guest

Amy Siegler, OTD

Amy Siegler created a business out of necessity providing seated position and complex rehab services to expanding to aging in place, home remodels, writing letters of medical necessity for pool lifts and EMS alert systems at Limbtechnc.


  • How to get a business up and running without any business background
  • Ideas for marketing your business
  • How Telehealth has expanded our therapy industry
  • How Amy uses Telehealth to expand her OT business
  • Why telehealth is a great tool and benefit to expand valuable care to our patients
  • Why Amy takes on students in her nontraditional field
  • Benefits of having student in your practice
  • What medicare billing is looking for to pay you for your healthcare services
  • Where to start your business direction


Student Opportunities with Amy

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