Growth and empowerment from COTA to franchise owner with Cari Readle 003

 How COTA, Cari Readle, went from being a follower throughout her career to owning a health franchise!

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Today’s Guest

Cari Readle

Cari Readle transitioned out of Occupational Therapy to launching her own health franchise, Hotworx, a 24 Hour Inferred Fitness Studio in March, 2022!


  • How she transitioned from being a COTA to owning her own franchise
  • Why she transitioned from her Occupational Therapy career to a franchise career
  • Couching and empowerment resources to get started with your new career venture



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Non-Negotiable: The Story of Happy State Bank & The Power of Accountability (No More Excuses Series) by Sam Silverstein

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