From a limited work environment to creating your own career opportunities with Tony Cosenzo PTA 005

How PTA, Tony Cosenzo, went from being in a limited work environment, restricting his ability to apply all of his skills, to one where he created his own environment of opportunities to help others reach their peak performance!

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Today’s Guest

Tony Cosenzo, PTA

Tony Cosenzo transitioned out of home healthcare to launching his own health business as a peak performance specialist at Fibonacci HealthCare.


  • How Tony applied his experience and skills to take first steps into starting a health business
  • How making one ask can open up many doors of opportunities to bring your business opportunity to life
  • Self recovery tools and tactics to recharge your body and mind
  • What fitness recovery is about
  • Habits of recovery techniques
  • What cranial icing is
  • How to recharge from stress at work
  • Marketing ideas for demonstrating and selling your skills
  • How to sell yourself
  • Why you need a coach to progress your business
  • What to look for in a coach


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Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

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