Reiki, Hypnotherapy, and the power of mindset with Rayne Smyth PT 031

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Today’s Guest

Rayne Smyth, PT, Hypnotherapist

This week I am chatting with Rayne Smyth about how she got into hypnotherapy. We talk about the power of mindset and surrounding yourself with a positive environment. She also shares with us how she works with moms that have the so-called “mom guilt”.

Rayne tells us how through the study of craniosacral therapy she learned what “direction of energy” is through Physical Therapy, which opened her to the concept of Reiki. This was the catalyst for her to go from the fact-based science of Physical Therapy to a spiritual level, managing health through the mindset by guiding people to a calm state. She decided to transition from Physical Therapy to Hypnotherapy and started teaching Reiki on the side while working full-time as a Physical Therapist. This surely got her some pushback but that didn’t stop her and now she is solely focused on her business of hypnotherapy for moms.

She left her job to stay home and take care of her daughter who was struggling with mental health. It was a full-time job and she had no choice but to find a way to work that also gave her the freedom to be present for her children who needed her constantly.

“What my passion is  comes from my daughter having issues and me going through it myself. And I think that as much as that was such a negative time in my life, in retrospect…it was such a growing period…what I want to do now for other mothers is the things that I was lacking.”

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Rayne Smyth, Physical Therapist to Hypnotherapist

Topics covered on transitioning from Physical Therapy to Hypnotherapy

  • How she started on hypnosis
  • What hypnosis and Reiki is
  • Her hypnobirthing experiences
  • How you can get started with hypnosis/Reiki
  • About her career from Physical Therapist to Hypnotherapy for moms
  • What she has learned from her life experience that she didn’t learn from Physical Therapy school
  • Who would be a good fit to start their own business?

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Highlight questions from the episode

What was your actual birth like after putting hypnobirthing into practice?

My first birth was unmedicated, but not as easy as the second due to the hospitals being overflown. However, the hypnosis techniques helped me to be able to be up and walking around within minutes of me giving birth.
In addition, I went through a medicated birth with my last baby and had to take an epidural. This was, by far, a more traumatizing birth and worse recovery, and it only reinforced to me the benefits of hypnotherapy for giving birth.

Who would be an ideal client for hypnotherapy? When should they reach out to you?

I started a hypnosis practice and I am working on scaling my business from local to online. My focus is on Hypnotherapy and Motherhood Stress to help moms that are experiencing anxiety due to their children suffering from a variety of health issues. I want to teach them how to let go of the debilitating guilt and shame and advocate from a place of power, not fear. It seems impossible at times and it’s so isolating, but it doesn’t have to be. I want to help remove the stigma and silence and empower mothers to find the support they need for themselves so they can truly show up for their children.

In order to have an impact on my clients, I recommend that they reach out to me when they get to the point of the so-called “mom guilt”. “When you get to that point when you realize, no way I can keep giving from an empty well. I need to get my life back on track so I can actually support my kid better…if you are prior to that you are not in the spot”.

What have you learned from your experience that you didn’t learn from Physical Therapy school?

I have learned that the negative time of life is a growing period. And knowing what I know now, makes me want to help others that are in the position I was before.

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