What you need to know before starting an online business with plantar fasciitis expert Katie Osteen DPT 012

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Today’s Guest

Katie Osteen

After thinking what she wanted her life to look like in 5 to 10 years she started wanting more out of her career. Katie is an online plantar fasciitis expert. We talk about her struggles along this journey with several useful nuggets for those wanting to start their own business.

Katie’s: IG, Tik Tok, and Plantar Fasciitis Facebook Group


  • Why Katie transitioned into an online plantar fasciitis expert
  • What struggles she faced and how she overcame them
  • Importance of connecting with your target audience
  • Doing what gives you energy, you feel connected with, and lights you up
  • Several online entrepreneurial tips and insights from both Katies and Tanners Rehab Rebel Journeys


Amy Porterfirled’s – Digital Course Academy

Episode references:

The Social Dilemma – Exposes social media apps exploitation of user data against its users.

Book – Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller


Maggie Berghoff




Katie Osteen Linkedin

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