Brick and Mortar Cashed Based Physical Therapy with Amanda Holmes DPT 013

Listen to Amanda’s DPT transition opening up a cash based brick and mortar Physical Therapy practice.

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Today’s Guest

Amanda Holmes

Amanda transitioned from working in a hybrid clinical PT setting to opening her own brick and mortar cash based therapy business in Denver, Colorado called Unbound Physical Therapy.


  • How Amanda opened up her own Cash Based Brick and Mortar Therapy Business
  • Strategies to grow a Cash Based Brick and Mortar Business
  • Guidance if opening a Cash Based Practice is right for you


Aaron Lebauer, Chad Madden, Greg Todds

Rehab Rebel Podcasts:

Amanda Holmes Linkedin

Book: Why Do I Hurt? by Adriaan Louw

EMR System: Jane Recommended by Amanda, “I love the Jane emr and will sing its praises all day. It integrates scheduling, payment collection, documentation, intake forms, superbills. Very easy to use as a cash provider.”

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